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Your Financial Access

It is a priority of ours to provide all necessary tools for you to access your investment portfolio as well as providing the mediums of communication that you prefer. We feel it is critical for you to feel as connected and informed as you would expect… whether that is in traditional communication methods or digitally.  We want to provide you with a 360 degree client experience. As such, we have highlighted enhancements to our communication platforms that are available to you.

We are excited to unveil our updated team website available at Our website showcases our services, client letters, and more information about our team! We are also available on Facebook at AAHH Facebook.

Account View

Allen & Company’s New and Enhanced online access gives transparent insight into your financial account information from one central location, allowing you to view portfolio values, account balances, deposits and withdrawals, and investment returns, any time from any device.

  • 24/7 secure, online access via web portal or mobile app
  • An easy-to-use interface with a less than 5 minute enrollment time

Mobile App

Mobile App – our app provides an easily accessible account view. You must already be enrolled in the newest account view for access to this app. Here, you can quickly view your assets, documents, reps, etc.

  • Safe, two-factor authentication
  • Access to phone numbers and emails for our team
  • Face ID login

After being enrolled in the new account view with the help of our team, go onto the app store and download ‘LPL Account View.’ Enter your normal online access credentials.

Secure Messaging System

MyRepChat is our new business professional text messaging system. This feature allows us to communicate with you in the easiest, quickest, and safest way possible.

To get started, send us a text at:

  • Keith Albritton – (863) 616-6037
  • Ginny Houghton – (863) 616-6058
  • Chris Hammond – (863) 680-1910
  • CSA Team – (863) 616-6030

Please save these numbers in your phone as an entirely different contact, separate from any personal numbers you may already have saved.


Our WebEx meeting platform allows for video screen-sharing and conferencing capabilities for us to interact together.

June 2022

AAHH Team 


The Allen-Albritton-Houghton-Hammond Group strives to add value to our clients in a variety of ways. Our Financial Concierge Services reflect our commitment to this principle and showcase our competencies to assist our clients with virtually all aspects of their financial lives.