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Keith Albritton

Vice President
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Ginny Houghton

Vice President
Financial Advisor
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Chris Hammond

Portfolio Manager
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Dr. Lyle Bowlin

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Karen McCarthy

Registered Client Service Associate

Karen has been at Allen & Company since 2008, and has over 36 years of experience in financial services. In addition to being registered with LPL Financial, where her Series 7 registration is currently held, Karen is the primary point of contact for scheduling, strategic communication initiatives, and coordinates all team-sponsored client events. In addition to the team’s administrative responsibilities, she also supports the firm’s senior management.

Karen has served on many community boards over the years and has lived in Lakeland since 1969.

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Melissa McKinney

Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™

Melissa joined Allen & Company in 2007. All the while, she has been a leader in furthering her education by obtaining her Series 7 license (currently held through LPL Financial), Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ designation, Life Insurance/Health/Annuities license as well as being the team’s only holder of the Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist designation.

Melissa supports the team by operating as the main contact for the team’s 401(k) plans and participants. She also is the lead for preparing client meeting reports, client insurance processing, and creating financial plans.

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Kathy French

Registered Client Service Associate

Kathy joined the team in 2011. Her 17 years of industry experience helps her to provide solutions to clients for their day-to-day questions. Kathy is registered with LPL Financial, whom she holds her Series 7 registration with. Additionally, Kathy holds her Series 66 registration both with Allen & Company and LPL Financial. She works closely with CPAs and attorneys as the lead contact for sophisticated trust and estate transactions.

Kathy currently resides in Lakeland where she and her family are actively involved with The Dream Center of Lakeland and the Fontaine Gills YMCA.

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Gwyndolyn Hughes

Client Service Associate

Gwyn joined the team as a Client Service Associate in 2019. Leveraging her experience of nearly 20 years in the Financial Industry, Gwyn provides clients and the team with knowledge on a variety of topics; striving to make a profound and positive difference in the lives of clients and colleagues. 

Gwyn obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida.  A long-time resident of Bartow, Gwyn is married to Chuck Hughes and has two children, Garrett (21) and Emily Lyn (16).  She enjoys volunteering for the Junior League of Greater Lakeland where she primarily devotes her time to the Lakeland Christmas Parade.   


The Allen-Albritton-Houghton-Hammond Group strives to add value to our clients in a variety of ways. Our Financial Concierge Services reflect our commitment to this principle and showcase our competencies to assist our clients with virtually all aspects of their financial lives.

Modern Financial Access

We aim to provide a variety of options for interacting with our team and accessing account information. In addition to in-person meetings and paper statements, we provide an Allen & Company Smartphone App, online account access, Cisco Webex© screen-sharing and conferencing capabilities for clients to view and interact with us and their accounts. Other technologies include: Debit Card, Check Writing and Asset-Backed Lending for liquidity solutions.

We also offer WealthVision©, an account aggregation and consolidation platform, to enable our clients to see a complete Snapshot of all their assets and liabilities no matter where they’re held.

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Wealth Management

It is our view that there is no one-size-fits-all in investment management. As a result, we draw on our experience and knowledge to craft tailor-made portfolios for our clients. Our solutions include: Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), Institutional Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s), Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Options, and Annuities.

Our portfolios leverage the insights and actionable investment ideas generated through our 5 member Internal Investment Committee; adapting to ever changing market environments as we work to both mitigate risk and search for returns.

In addition, we work to address other areas of our client’s financial lives including Insurance, Long-Term Care Funding solutions, Corporate Stock Options, Charitable Giving, Estate Planning, and Social Security analysis.

Our Investment Philosophy
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Retirement Planning

The move from working to retirement can be one of the most stressful events in someone’s life. In addition, it is becoming increasingly common for people to gradually wind down, or find different streams of income rather than full retirement. To this end, we work with clients to design a custom retirement income strategy to guide them in all stages of retirement.

No matter one’s goals or stage of life, a foundation for all of our financial planning is a customized Money Guide Pro© financial plan. This goals-based financial planning software facilitates a beneficial discussion of someone’s goals and objectives, creating a hierarchy of “Needs, Wants, and Wishes” as well as the corresponding level of savings and investment risk necessary to accomplish them.

IMPORTANT: The projections or other information Money Guide Pro© generates regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results, and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time.
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Multi-Generational Guidance

Often, a principal goal for high-net-worth families is to effectively transfer wealth to the next generation, while also transferring the principles and work ethic that helped earn it. To this end, we aim to provide relevant guidance to all generations. This ranges from broad financial education to hosting large-scale multi-generational family meetings for high-net-worth families.

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Account Consolidation

We have heard many times through the years that the simplicity created through the consolidation of accounts has been one of the most impactful things our practice has provided. Our team works with clients to simplify their financial lives where possible. In addition, we have the ability to utilize account aggregation software to provide a consolidated snapshot of one’s financial picture including outside accounts.

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Tax Mitigation Consulting

We work closely with our clients and their tax professionals every year to identify potential tax savings to clients primarily through capital gains analysis and potential tax loss harvesting.  In addition, we work with clients over a number of years to determine the most tax efficient way to draw from their accounts in retirement.

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Business Succession Consulting

Our team has worked with many business owners who have ultimately found themselves in a business succession event. These situations might be a family member taking the reins, or a sale of the business to a third party. Throughout the process, we consult and plan with clients and their team of advisors to address all the potential financial impacts, and create a plan to ensure the client’s goals are pursued before, during, and after the transition.


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Our objective for The Exchange is to provide an avenue for our team to deliver timely insights to our clients and followers. Posts center around either Investment Commentary and Strategy or Comprehensive Financial Planning Issues. On both fronts, we aim to deliver timely and relevant information that cuts through the noise that so often consumes the financial media.

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Investment Committee Update

What’s in store for the Second Half? Despite only being half way over, 2020 has firmly placed itself in the record books in many ways. Throughout these unprecedented times, our robust investment process remains unaltered; including bi-weekly (now virtual through WebEx) Investment Committee meetings, Company Earnings Calls, and Manager Due-Diligence Meetings. We remain as passionate […]

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Pandemics and Market History

Can History help us make better decisions about the future? As we mentioned in our last email update, “History repeats itself, or the very least it rhymes.” The brief history of Sir Isaac Newton is a direct example of this quote. In 1665, the University of Cambridge temporarily closed due to fear of the Bubonic […]

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How to Think About Volatile Markets

In periods of volatility such as the one we are going through right now, it is our goal as your trusted advisors to communicate frequently and provide context and meaningful analysis in what has been an ever-changing news cycle and a very emotion driven market environment. To that end, we want to do a couple […]

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